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Fresh editorials from West Virginia newspapers:


Jan. 15

Charleston Gazette on a residence fireplace that killed four formative years in foster care:

Four formative years, the oldest 8, the youngest 18 months, misplaced their lives in a tragic fireplace in Clay County over the weekend. They were foster formative years in the residence. The foster other folks and one other foster child made it out alive.

So dinky is famous about what took location at this point. In response to a joint statement from the DHHR and the articulate Fire Marshal’s Office, the goal at the abet of the fireplace remains undetermined, however it completely became as soon as “most doubtlessly accidental.”

All any individual can if truth be told keep is grieve for the misplaced and these who are tranquil living, who will wish to scheme funerals and lift this disappointment with them long after the final dish of food from sympathetic chums or neighbors is dropped off.

The incident additionally circles abet to an unlucky actuality in West Virginia, that a long way too many residents *** in structure fires.

In an editorial printed final month discussing funding for volunteer fireplace departments, we outdated skool statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration — part of the Department of Place of birth Security — that showed West Virginia had Thirteen.three deaths from residence fires per 1,000 residents in 2016. That’s more than double the national moderate. Volunteer departments conceal fireplace response for more than ninety % of the articulate, and the amount of stations and volunteers is timorous. Those volunteer departments are competing with departments across the country to salvage federal grant cash for tools and running charges, and that funding pool is additionally dwindling.

Solving all of these problems can even no longer have prevented what took location in Clay County. There are situations where instantaneous response time, an navy of firefighters and the total preparation on this planet on the part of these in the residence wouldn’t be enough to remain the shortcoming of life.

Nonetheless West Virginia can’t proceed to be a articulate where fireplace demise rates are so excessive. The articulate wants to be doing the total lot it will to fabricate its residents safer. That can even mean revisiting one of the most best ways fireplace departments are funded at the articulate level (appropriate now, all VFDs rep the equivalent amount of funding, no subject how immense an residence they conceal) or developing with a particular revenue source (a proposed fabricate bigger in the insurance surcharge to head to fireplace departments became as soon as defeated in the Legislature just a few years in the past).

The DHHR stumbled on working smoke detectors in the Clay County residence. Residents additionally wish to be definite they’ve working smoke detectors too, and are responsive to likely hazards and have a scheme for exiting the residence in case of fireplace.

Tragedies will tranquil occur, however the amount of such incidents is liable to be lowered if the difficulty is taken to heart by everyone who can affect change.

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Jan. 14

The Intelligencer Wheeling Recordsdata-Register on medicinal ********* guidelines:

Two ********* issues are on the agenda for West Virginia legislators this winter. One — whether or no longer to legalize the drug for leisure utilize — is and wants to be controversial. The other, in the case of utilize of the plant’s filled with life ingredient for medicinal purposes, will not be any longer initiating to reasonable argument.

Lawmakers have already obtained enacted a measure intended to permit sale of THC, stumbled on in *********, to other folks who also can have the back of it for health care causes. Prescriptions from medical doctors will likely be required. That affords some assurance in opposition to abuse. One other safeguard is that the ********* plant itself can’t be marketed; handiest the THC, presumably in tablet invent, is permissible.

Sales were supposed to begin up this summer, however a tall obstacle lies in one of the most best ways. It is a long way the fact that sale of any invent of *********, including THC remains unlawful federally.

Of more particular field are criminal guidelines that ban monetary institutions from handling cash raised from sale of unlawful substances.

Legislators requested and acquired an idea from articulate Felony skilled Overall Patrick Morrisey’s location of work, declaring that federal legislation “makes it very tough for medical ********* companies to characteristic in a formulation in step with federal legislation .”

Intelligent, however presumably no longer very no longer going.

Thirty-three states allow sale of ********* or its filled with life ingredient for health care purposes. Many have stumbled on mechanisms whereby the monetary field can even even be addressed.

Impart legislation on medicinal ********* wants to be sophisticated to pave one of the most best ways for sale of the drug to other folks who also can have the back of it.

And, though federal legislation clearly wants to be updated, too, a philosophy of benign and regularly filled with life tolerance of medicinal ********* appears to prevail in Washington.

Per chance the very best route for articulate legislators to steal will not be any longer to are trying to rep the very best mechanism for addressing the banking ask however, as an different, to present articulate companies the flexibility — internal reasonable constraints — to invent the kind of procedure themselves. Other states have completed it. There’ll not be any goal we won’t.

Sale of ********* for leisure purposes will likely be debated by lawmakers this 300 and sixty five days. That ought to no longer be allowed to stand in one of the most best ways of enabling utilize of THC to reduction these who don’t wish to rep excessive — however ogle the drug handiest as a formulation to rep by.

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Jan. sixteen

The Parkersburg Recordsdata and Sentinel on the articulate attorney frequent asking legislators to transfer the jurisdiction of the Medicaid Fraud Unit to his location of work:

West Virginia Felony skilled Overall Patrick Morrisey also can have the very best view in asking lawmakers to transfer jurisdiction of the articulate’s Medicaid Fraud Unit to his location of work.

Ethical now, the articulate’s Department of Properly being and Human Sources oversees the unit. Morrisey argues his location of work can keep a more in-depth job, and utilize much less cash — which way saving taxpayers cash.

In response to the Authorities Accountability Office, complete wicked Medicaid payments keep the U.S. almost $29 billion in 2015. And, obviously, the proportion of West Virginians reliant on Medicaid — 29 % — is the very best in the nation. Bigger than 564,000 Mountain Impart residents working by means of the procedure yearly leaves loads of room for fraud.

Nonetheless Morrisey’s location of work has a right track myth with this form of thing. Working with the Social Security Administration and the articulate’s Incapacity Possibility Share, the placement of work has saved the articulate $Thirteen million by means of Social Security back fraud detection alone since 2015.

“We if truth be told are one of the main offices on this articulate that goes after fraud,” Morrisey steered the articulate Senate Finance Committee earlier this week.

Lawmakers ought to steal into consideration the change. If it saves taxpayer cash and takes one more step toward ridding the Mountain Impart of the fraud and ruin that has been aided and abetted by the bureaucracy for see you later, it is a no brainer.

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