Wedding Dresses – 5 Easy Steps Towards Your Dream Wedding Gown!

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Have you been searching for the perfect wedding dress?
Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Studies show that the first piece of the wedding puzzle (a puzzle that ultimately yields your wedding day) that brides attempt to find is the perfect wedding dress. It does not matter if you are in New York City, a third world country or on a deserted island with the man of your dreams, the next question for a soon to be bride after a joyful “yes” will I wear? “The closet is full and not a thing to wear” is NOT a valid complaint this time around. You want to look your best and you deserve the best. You have been waiting for this day since you were old enough to think and this is precisely where the importance of the dream wedding dress comes in.
In order for you to FEEL like a princess you must first LOOK the part, the feeling will follow shortly after.
Preserve your sanity with my tips below.
To find the best dress that suits your wedding and personal style, I suggest the following:
1. Steer Clear of the “MUST-HAVE” Trends: Not all trends flatter every single body type. We are all shaped differently, so choose a gown that will flatter your shape. This does not mean that you should not incorporate the latest style into your wedding attire, but rather first know your fabulous body type and shop around to see what works for you!
2. Have an open mind: Contrary to popular belief it’s absolutely fine to add a bit of color to your white gown. Colors that look great on wedding dresses can range from gold and silver to even brighter colors. The trick is to go with the “less is more” philosophy. Adding some color to the flower embellishments on your gown can give a unique, fresh look to your dress.
3. Less is More: Spending more on a dress does not necessarily mean that it will look better on you or look more expensive to your guests. Be realistic about your budget; If you do your research, know your body type and add a few inexpensive unique touches to your gown, everyone will be wondering who designed your dress! One of my brides fell in love with an extremely expensive designer over dress that she couldn’t afford. To make her happy we decided on a solution: we bought a plain reasonably priced gown and accessorized it to match the designer version. Not only did we save thousands of dollars, but the guests couldn’t stop talking about her gown- they loved the unique details!
4. Minimize the audience to 2 people if possible: Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can be confusing enough, but if you mix in an audience of 20 emotional women this will be even more difficult. Here is the key: find your top 3 picks and then bring your friends & family to provide final feedback.
5. Listen to your gut: I didn’t fully understand what that meant until I was getting married myself. When you see the dress that is meant to be yours, ladies I guarantee that you will just know it! It looks magical to you, feels comfortable and you can imagine yourself wearing it for the entire day.
Remember, shopping for your wedding dress is meant to be a magical experience that you need to fully experience as part of your journey to the next phase of your life. Most importantly, you will rock any wedding gown if you feel joyful, excited and full of life inside.
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