The Best Couples Halloween Costumes of 2018

When it comes to October 31, there’s typically two types of people: those who have been excitedly planning their couples Halloween costumes since last year, or ones who have begrudgingly RSVP’d yes to a Halloween-themed party at their partner’s request. Regardless of which side you’re on, one thing’s for sure—your costume says a lot about you, so you and your S.O. better dress to impress.

To nail the creativity game and avoid the dreaded, “What are you supposed to be?” question, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite couples Halloween costumes of the year. Inspired by pop culture references (Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, anyone?) and some of our fave of-the-moment celeb couples (calling all Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson doppelgängers), each ensemble is easy to pull off and will make for the perfect Halloween couples photo (did you really dress up together if you didn’t ‘gram it?). While some costumes may require a little coaxing on your partner’s behalf than others, you’ll be the best dressed pair at any Halloween soirée with any of these 21 creative costume ideas.

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Anwar Hussein

To be honest, you may not be the only Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s in the room this year—we have a feeling this beloved royal couple is going to ignite a Halloween costume trend. While their wedding day ensembles are likely a tad bit difficult to recreate, both Harry and Meghan’s engagement outfits are highly recognizable and easily duplicated. For Harry, strap on a suit, fake beard, and your best British accent. Meghan’s costume simply requires a brunette wig, a dazzling engagement ring, and a few pieces of clothing you likely already own.

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2. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from Incredibles 2

In honor of the Pixar sequel that was well worth the 14-year wait, channel your inner world-saving superhero status. Pull on your red supersuits and black boots, and you’re all set to be the most powerful forces at any Halloween party (superhuman strength and elastic limbs not included).

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3. Riverdale‘s Betty and Jughead

Not everyone ships Bughead, but for those who do, this is an ideal couples costume. Ransack your closets for a flannel, a T-shirt, a fur-lined jean jacket, and a preppy sweater-and-collared-shirt combo. Then let the Riverdale magic set in.

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4. The Stark Family from Game of Thrones

Grab your boots, pelts, and daggers for this costume. When it comes to the Stark family tree, you have a few unforgettable characters to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with Jon Snow and Arya Stark. Bonus points if you get a friend to dress up as another character.

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5. Winifred and Sarah Sanderson of Hocus Pocus

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

The Sanderson Sisters have pretty much been Halloween royalty since Hocus Pocus was first released by Disney in 1993. Nearly 25 years later, it’s become a fan favorite among ’90s kids, and serves as a perfect influence for your Halloween costume. Whether you love Sarah, Winifred, or Mary, you can’t go wrong channeling your inner witch. After all, ‘tis the season!

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6. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Who run the world? You and your S.O. dressed as Bey and Jay for the night, that’s who. Pay tribute to their current On the Run II tour with a set of microphones and Beyoncé’s signature bodysuit/boots look. Serenade fellow partygoers with a rendition of “Crazy in Love” and you’ll really seal the deal.

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7. Jim and Pam Halpert from The Office

Jim and Pam’s TV relationship is one that we’ll never tire of. Nail the pair’s go-to office looks with a few of your own work staples—button downs, a cardigan, knee-length skirt, and tie. For total costume inception, your partner can channel Jim’s iconic Facebook get-up from season six. Just beware of any Michael Scott lookalikes.

8. Peter and Lara Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

You can resemble the key figures from this Netflix teen original a few different ways. Go the jock route for Peter Kavinsky and have your partner don an old athletic sweatshirt (preferably lacrosse) with shorts. Or, find fitted jeans, a gray tee, and a flannel for the total high school heartthrob allure. As for the film’s fashion-forward female protagonist, we recommend a Peter Pan-collared top, plaid skirt, pink bomber jacket, and Lara Jean’s favorite scrunchie.

9. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

James Devaney

Blonde couples, this one has you written all over it. Think it-girl attire (hoop earrings, leather jacket, combat boots, etc.) for Hailey, in addition to a high bun hairdo. J. Biebs requires a tattoo sleeve, an oversized tee, and a baseball cap.

10. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Few looks throughout the ages are as iconic as Britney and Justin’s all-denim ensembles from the 2001 American Music Awards. Whip this costume together in no time with a blonde wig, silver statement necklace, and a strapless patchwork denim dress or shirt and skirt combo (which you can easily DIY or thrift) for Brit. JT’s Canadian Tuxedo will require a denim jacket, jeans, cross-shaped necklace, and denim hat. Essentially, the more denim, the better.

11. Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe

Courtesy of Party City

A throwback tribute is always a hit on Halloween. For a classic nod to the megastars, grab your hunka-hunka burning love and embrace your inner Marilyn for a look straight out of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A red lip, hair grease, hip gyrations, and iconic poses are a must.

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12. Forrest Gump‘s Forrest and Jenny

You won’t need to trick-or-treat, since life itself is like a box of chocolates. For this adorably sweet DIY costume idea, rock a flower crown and a neutral, 70s-inspired frock, then dress your better half in a blue plaid shirt sleeve button down, complete with a red cap and ping pong paddle.

13. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of The Crown

If you’re an avid viewer of the Netflix series centered around the British monarchy, hop on the royal mania bandwagon and dress as the couple that inspired it all. To pull off the most queen-worthy ensemble, find a ball gown from a costume store or thrift shop, then pair with the finest plastic tiara and white gloves you can get your hands on. Prince Philip’s costume calls for men’s formalwear, bow tie and all, with an added row of medals. Go the extra mile and incorporate a few stuffed corgis into the joint get-up.

14. Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson

Robert Kamau

Both celebs have their own signature looks pinned down. Think an oversized hoodie, over-the-knee boots, and a high pony for Ariana (plus, some crooning vocals couldn’t hurt…), and a bright graphic tee with sneakers and a hat for her comedian fiancé. Be prepared to answer questions about your whirlwind engagement all night long.

15. Ofwarren and the Commander of The Handmaid’s Tale

Given the current political climate, this Emmy-award winning series feels all the more relevant. Aside from using makeup to recreate Ofwarren’s eye removal, this one is simple: a bonnet, a red cloak and a suit. It’s great as a last-minute couples’ costume in a bind.

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16. Stranger Things

Following the Netflix hit’s second season, take an Upside Down approach to your standard Stranger Things costume. Leave it to the discretion of your partner to determine who gets to dress as Eleven and who will represent her beloved Eggo waffle. For Millie Bobby Brown’s character, resort to her pink dress with Peter Pan collar, tube socks, and sneakers. Then, take the DIY approach to create a life-sized breakfast snack that unfortunately makes you a prime target for any nearby demogorgons.

17. Mario & Luigi

Courtesy of

One of the more famous duos known across the world, Nintendo’s Luigi and Mario are not only a classic costume inspiration, but they’re quite adorable, too. Guys and gals alike can dress up like the pair, with costume options available in men’s, women’s, and unisex. Start practicing your high jumps, stat.

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18. Piper and Alex of Orange is the New Black

OITNB has been a smash hit since it first aired on Netflix in 2013, and central to the storylines are our favorite blonde/brunette combo, Piper and Alex. Orange scrubs, and a pair of thick glasses are all you’ll really need to slay this portrayal—but bonus points will undoubtedly be awarded if you bring along their undeniable chemistry.

19. Dirty Dancing‘s Johnny & Baby

Gear up for the “Time of Your Life” (see what we did there?) and embrace your inner Baby and Johnny. A simple pink leotard or tank with a tulle skirt and curls for you, and an all-black ensemble with slicked back hair for him are all you’ll need to pay homage to the couple of the cult classic. (The original, that is.) A word to the wise—if you’re going to debut the infamous lift, be sure you’ve rehearsed it a few times first.

20. Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future

Head on Back to the Future this Halloween with costumes inspired by Marty McFly and Doc Brown. A red puffer vest and button down for Marty, and a white lab coat and crazy white wig for Doc are great places to start as you channel your inner mad scientist and his favorite side kick. You might not be able to roll up to the party in a DeLorean, but your costumes are sure to get some nostalgic laughs.

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21. The Bachelor or The Bachelorette Couple

Bachelor Nation has been churning out the reality TV proposals lately, which conveniently makes for an easy and timely couples Halloween costume that fellow franchise fans will love. A floor-length gown, suit, and a red rose are the only essentials you both need to look straight out of a televised beach proposal with Chris Harrison lurking around the corner.

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