Tekashi69 Wrecked By Model Brittany Renner in Soccer Shootout


Soccer Showdown with Hot IG Model

… Takes ‘L’

8/1/2018 7:10 AM PDT

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Remember when Tekashi69 said Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t score on him??

Well, he didn’t say anything about ridiculously hot Instagram models.

The “FEFE” rapper got into a shootout with Brittany Renner — aka bundleofbrittany — a former college soccer star who has racked up more than 4 MILLION followers on IG. 

The two made a soccer bet — if he could stop all of her shots, Brit would have to move to NYC. And, if she scored on him … he’s gotta pack up and move to L.A. 

Tekashi made a valiant effort — but the former Jackson State striker just killed him … even hitting a sick upper 90. 

Call the movers? 

6ix9ine has boasted A LOT about his soccer skills — and even hit the pitch with international soccer superstar Mario Balotelli. He is definitely not the worst goalie we have ever seen, but he ain’t exactly David de Gea either. 

We’ll give Tekashi the benefit of the doubt — maybe he was a bit distracted.

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