How To Handle Your Finances If You’re Marrying Rich

If there’s one thing Crazy Rich Asians taught us, it’s that falling in love with someone significantly wealthier than you can get, well, complicated. Tensions will almost inevitably arise when two people come from opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum. Someone who grew up in a working-class family might be a penny pincher, while someone […]

When You’re Wondering About Winged Liner at 3AM (and Reviews of the PTY Beauty No BS Eyeshadow Palette, a Fab Crease Brush for Hooded Lids, and a Drugstore Beauty Staple)

WINGS! I haven’t been sleeping through the night lately, and by “lately” I mean for the past two weeks, which was approximately when Tabs started his new workout regimen where he does wind sprints up and down the stairs beginning at the witching hour, and Connor started having dreams that wake her up in the […]