OKC school district approves the use of medical *********

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — College students in the Oklahoma City college district with clinical prerequisites that require cannabis for the time being are permitted to employ the drug at faculty.

The Oklahoma City Public Colleges board voted to approve the policy Monday night, The Oklahoman reported . The district will provide a build for a guardian to administer clinical ********* to college students at faculty.

The policy also states that the caregiver would possibly presumably perhaps be accountable for delivering the cannabis to the qualifying college students and removing it from the premises after consumption.

Label Mann, an OCPS board member, mentioned clinical ********* should always accrued be handled treasure every totally different prescription drug.

“It became passed by the voters, it’s a medication and it’s a medication that has been prescribed by a doctor,” Mann mentioned. “I don’t survey how we can presumably shield it. That won’t be widespread with some of us, but when it’s now not widespread they’ve to return to the ballotfield and take care of it there.”

Oklahoma voters licensed the legalization of clinical ********* last June.

Officers mentioned college students are required to luxuriate in the medicine orally or topically, since tell legislation bans the smoking of any substance on college property. College workers would possibly presumably perhaps now not be allowed to relief college students in acquiring, using or storing clinical *********.


Files from: The Oklahoman, http://www.newsok.com

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