Mother of Waffle House Shooting Survivor Buys a Wedding Dress for the Waitress Who Saved Her Son’s Life

If you needed a Friday pick-me-up, here’s proof that no good deed goes unnoticed. Months after the tragic Waffle House shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, a mother is stepping up to thank one of the waitresses who saved her son’s life—with a wedding dress.

Michael Garth Sr., a shooting survivor, recalled on Facebook being asked by his waitress that day that he and his friend move away from the bar where she was washing dishes. The waitress simply didn’t want to splash them with the water, but little did they know, their new seats (which were out of harm’s way from the shooter) saved their lives.

Garth’s mother Vickie Davis found the waitress—who happened to be getting married—and bought her a wedding dress as a thank you for saving her son.

“So many things happened that [led] to my life being spared at the Waffle House that night,” Garth wrote on Facebook. “This is the [waitress] that asked Tre Swisha Sneed and I not to sit at the bar because she was washing dishes and didn’t want the water to splash on us. That led to us sitting where we sat and possibly saved our lives. My mother Vickie Davis tracked her down, found out she was getting married and got her this wedding dress.”

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Sneed recalled more of the tragic day in the comments, revealing that the waitress was harmed during the shooting, writing that she was “grazed on the face but no blood.”

Good karma always comes back around.

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