Matt Rhule declines comment on Cam Newton’s status

Carolina Panthers new head coach Matt Rhule is billed as a builder, motivator and innovator coming out of Baylor. The first step in building any NFL program is the quarterback. During his introductory press conference Wednesday, Rhule was asked about the question on the mind of every Panthers fan: What is the plan with Cam…

Carolina Panthers glossy head coach Matt Rhule is billed as a builder, motivator and innovator popping out of Baylor.
Step one in building any NFL program is the quarterback.
Throughout his introductory press conference Wednesday, Rhule was asked about the set a question to on the thoughts of every Panthers fan: What’s the thought with Cam Newton?
“I potentially have not had a possibility with regards to in actuality any player to get to focus on with Marty [Hurney] and Mr. Tepper in phrases of lengthy-interval of time vision, so I could perhaps perhaps well never must utter out of faculty or uneducatedly,” Rhule spoke back. “What I will utter is this: I had a possibility to focus on with Cam the day prior to this, and I in actuality hang the utmost respect for him and what he’s done, and I just like the design in which he talked to me, to be rather correct. He did not must focus on the previous. He wanted to focus on the lengthy inch. But other than that, I could perhaps perhaps well powerful somewhat focus on with those guys and form of get a feel for not shimmering Cam but all those gamers on the roster and in actuality hang a shimmering job transferring forward for the entire roster.”

The set a question to about Newton’s future in Carolina has swirled for months. The primitive NFL MVP ignored all but two video games of the 2019 marketing and marketing campaign on account of a foot damage. The most up-to-date damage comes after Newton dealt with shoulder points the previous two years. With Cam coming into the closing 300 and sixty five days of his contract, there has been rampant speculation that the Panthers might perhaps perhaps perhaps also transfer on.
At this early stage, Rhule wasn’t willing to dig into any eventuality at the quarterback state.
Newton wasn’t the surely player Rhule declined to focus on. The first-time NFL head coach acknowledged he’s in a position to position together his workers and hang in thoughts the entire roster earlier than plowing forward in 2020.
“I can not utter in wide, wide depth (about the roster),” Rhule acknowledged. “I know there are some key pieces. The day earlier than this day, I tried to leer some video games. I watched three, four, 5 video games. … My next steps are to in actuality delivery as a lot as get to know the guys, delivery as a lot as leer the tape, and then hire a workers. And, so, I could perhaps perhaps perhaps also abominate to utter without having a wide sense of what I will utter. But I’ve started that job, and started getting to know among the guys as neatly.”
If his introductory press conference is any indication, Rhule is a grasp motivator who can hang every Panthers player who’s on the roster ready to inch through a wall for him in his first season.
“Attend Pounding will not be shimmering a slogan. Or not it is a procedure of lifestyles,” Rhule acknowledged emphatically.
Other notes from Rhule’s first press conference because the Panthers’ coach:

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» Critical like his response to gamers, Rhule was evasive about plans to spherical out the educating workers.
“I can hang a diverse workers and a mixed workers,” he acknowledged. “I in actuality hang I deem among the categorical staffs in football at Baylor. A few my guys I’ve gotten to Baylor from the NFL, so rather a few guys hang NFL abilities. … There’s rather a few guys that I know that are drawn to coming right here, and there might perhaps be rather a few those that are in actuality eager about this organization, and moreover they’re in actuality eager about what Mr. Tepper and Marty hang already started and so I get calls from guys that utter, ‘Hi there I hang to be an ingredient of that.’ I deem what you peek right here is alignment, you peek an proprietor, a frequent manager and a head coach that are not forcing themselves to discontinuance things, they peek things the identical design. And other folk keep in mind that that is the design in which you take in this league. When each person’s on the identical page, you’re gonna succeed. I will potentially get right here and starting working with Marty this day or tomorrow, at any time when, and delivery working on getting another folk right here. The one element I’ve learned and the suggestion I’ve gotten from so many folk in this league is ‘Don’t inch, get the correct other folk’ and in utter that’s what we’re doing.”
» Tepper placed an emphasis at some stage in his search on coaches who would comprise analytics, and Rhule addressed his philosophy as it pertains to sports actions science.
“The worlds of sports actions science, the worlds of analytics are things that I am drawn to and, as we talked, we had shimmering a frequent ardour in those things. They’re continuously evolving and I deem in actuality it is shimmering a commitment to the utility of things. We’ve got catapulted Baylor, they hang got catapulted right here the set you display screen the heaps on gamers. It in actuality shimmering comes correct down to the utility of it and are you able to get alignment from your football workers to your sports actions medicine workers to your sports actions science workers. We did not get into wide ingredient about, ‘Hi there, we’re going to discontinuance this, this’; it was shimmering more like, ‘That is what I mediate in, right here’s what they mediate in,’ and, to me, I shimmering mediate in frequent vision. If we mediate in our gamers having the categorical seemingly then we will obtain a design to even be in actuality successful. I deem at the same time as you obtain yourself in college football things other folk discontinuance not perceive is that we have not get to draft any one and I have not get to offer somebody a signing bonus. We’re all searching to get the categorical stuff so we were design sooner than rather a few other college teams in phrases of sports actions science that’s at Baylor so I form of bought very weak to it.”
» Rhule was asked if he feels a must hang a aged NFL presence on his educating workers.
“Now not in actuality in phrases of, like, coordinators and things like that ‘situation off I deem the league has seen there might perhaps be been wide coordinators who’re 60, there might perhaps be been wide coordinators who’re 28 so it is not in actuality that. I deem among the key pieces for me is to snarl a aged man than can in actuality work with me and mentor me. I’ve continuously done that in every single set I have been, I’ve continuously tried to hang somebody that will also be there to utter truth to me, utter truth to vitality, that will also be form of a correct hand man. I hang to hang a wide mix and at the tip of the day all I in actuality care about after I hire assistant coaches is, ‘Are they wide lecturers?’ That is in actuality what this game’s about, it is about getting gamers to play their perfect and the correct procedure to discontinuance that is to hang guys who’ll snarl out the categorical of their gamers. Old-normal, young, none of those things topic to me, I have not want to know them; I shimmering deem at the same time as you meet guys who’re wide lecturers, who snarl out the categorical in others, you form of feel it. We’re going to take a perceive at to discontinuance that but I will strive to snarl in somebody who’s been spherical and lots of fellows like that hang reached out to me already which is wide.”

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