Lions GM Bob Quinn would consider drafting QB at No. 8

Can also the Detroit Lions be in play for the likes of Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins with the No. 8 general have within the 2019 NFL Draft?
All the device thru a Q&A with Lions season designate holders, customary supervisor Bob Quinn did now not rule out taking an eventual inheritor to Matthew Stafford high within the draft.
“We are going to expend into consideration any articulate within the draft at any level in time, whether or now not it be the eighth general have or now we fetch numerous picks later within the draft,” Quinn mentioned, by project of Michael Rothstein of ESPN. “We’re ready now with the eighth general have that your total draft board is de facto huge initiate to us. We’re now not going to basically dispose of any prospects.
“In earlier years, no decrease than my final couple years right here, now we fetch drafted anywhere from 16 to 22 I take into accounts. Or now not it is a diminutive of bit completely different for us this 12 months. There is about a extra gamers which would perhaps perhaps well be going to be readily available and if there may perhaps be a quarterback available within the market that we converse may perhaps well well reduction us this 12 months or within the lengthy flee, we will never shut the door on that.”

Quinn declaring he’ll “expend into consideration any articulate” is the GM-iest narrate seemingly. Stafford is now not going anywhere in 2019. The quarterback is due $19 million guaranteed this upcoming season with a $29.5 million wage cap hit. If he’s on the roster on the sixth day of the recent league 12 months, $6 million of his 2020 wage becomes guaranteed.
Stafford may perhaps well well be the Lions quarterback for one other season. Maybe after that Detroit may perhaps well well bite the bullet and swallow a $20 million plain money cap hit to verify $11.5 million and wash their palms of Stafford in 2020. Eager on the kind of transfer would invite speculation that Detroit may perhaps well well pull a Kansas City and draft the inheritor while the incumbent changed into serene on the roster.
Easy, it may perhaps well perhaps presumably be a predominant shock if the Lions drafted their Stafford successor three years forward of it becomes financially viable to transfer on from the outmoded. Not easiest is Stafford serene honest 31 years ancient, the Lions fetch too many holes to use a top-10 have on a participant who may perhaps well well now not fetch off the sidelines. Also, there may perhaps be the added factor that Stafford changed into Quinn’s first predominant extension as a GM. To transfer on two years later may perhaps well well be admitting an limitless error to possession.
One advantage of discovering appropriate first-12 months quarterbacks is that they offer monetary flexibility in other locations. Stafford’s big contract would bid that advantage for no decrease than two years of the rookie’s contract.
Out of doors Quinn and coach Matt Patricia sharing a glass of Treasure Potion No. 9 and falling into that can perhaps perhaps’t-eat, can’t-sleep, attain-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Sequence extra or less infatuation with a QB, don’t demand of a mark-caller tapped early this 12 months.
Or now not it’s extra seemingly that the Lions will — and may perhaps well well serene — scour the later rounds of the draft for a seemingly backup quarterback to groom, a transfer they eschewed final season in favor of old skool outmoded Matt Cassel.
The Lions brass reiterated their give a boost to for Stafford on Monday night. They are going to seemingly proceed to total so for no decrease than the following two seasons.

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