Lawyers for Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Ford Have Hillary Clinton Connections

Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine Ford

Lawyers for Both …

Strong Hillary Clinton Connection

9/26/2018 8:58 AM PDT

The lawyers for Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Ford both have strong Hillary Clinton connections.

It’s interesting … Kavanaugh’s lawyer,¬†Beth Wilkinson, is a high-powered, Washington D.C. lawyer who represented multiple top Clinton aides involved in the FBI email investigation during the campaign. She’s also a long-time Democratic booster, and is married to CNN contributor¬†David Gregory.

As for Dr. Ford … her lawyer, Debra Katz, was a campaign fundraiser for Clinton during her 2016 Presidential campaign. Earlier, we posted a pic of Hillary with a woman who’d mistakenly been identified as Katz, but it wasn’t her.

Couple other facts about the attorneys at the center of Thursday’s Senate hearing — Katz famously represented a University of Colorado student who claimed she was the victim of retaliation by the school after she said she was subjected to a sexually hostile academic environment.

Wilkinson was a prosecutor in the case of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and successfully argued for the ***** penalty.

Both lawyers are well-regarded in the legal community and fierce advocates.

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