Largemouth bass virus found in 2 additional Michigan lakes

ALPENA, Mich. (AP) — A largemouth bass virus has been demonstrate in two extra lakes in Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula.

The train Department of Natural Sources in October launched that the virus that affected fish in the early 2000s in southern Michigan lakes used to be confirmed in Cedar Lake in Michigan’s northeastern Lower Peninsula.

This week, the DNR launched that it had been demonstrate in Beaver Lake in Alpena County and Avalon Lake in Montmorency County. It’s believed to be spreading northward in the train.

The DNR says the virus is one of larger than 100 naturally going down viruses that have an effect on fish.

It’s believed to be spread between waterways by anglers transferring dwell, infected fish or by map of nasty tools or boats. It isn’t identified to impress humans.

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