Jon Gruden expects Antonio Brown to be ready Week 1

Antonio Brown is help in Napa.
The Oakland Raiders receiver arrived at practising camp for the predominant time in extra than a week to rousing fanfare.
“I’m extraordinarily grateful to be right here,” Brown mentioned. “I go thru a form of adversity. Or not it is on the up and up, so I’m mad to be help and gaze my teammates and salvage within the groove of issues right here almost at present.”

Antonio Brown has arrived at #Raiders note @nflnetwork— MJ Acosta (@MJAcostaTV)
August 13, 2019

Brown turn into once away from the Raiders whereas going thru frostbitten toes from a cryogenic treatment chamber mishap and filing a grievance over sporting his mild helmet. His grievance turn into once denied on Monday.
“We’re working with the NFL referring to the helmet,” Brown mentioned. “I can be making particular I positioned on the correct tools-authorised helmet and have the choice to go almost at present.”
Brown continues to handle the foot suppose and will dwell out of note, however mentioned he’s trending within the correct direction.
“I gain plenty better. Practicing 100%,” he mentioned. “Or not it has been a course of with the toes. Anytime you know to rep a form of blisters, it be arduous to exchange direction, sever and flee and have the choice to enact what I enact naturally. I’m starting off on a appropriate foot. I have been away getting a form of work. I’m mad to right switch ahead.”
There would possibly maybe be not any timetable for Brown’s return to gain a study, however coach Jon Gruden has no worries the dynamic receiver will have the choice to go Week 1, responding: “Oh yeah. Yep,” when asked if A.B. would play within the season opener.
“We are going to work him help in,” Gruden mentioned of note. “Obviously it be big to gain him help. We now gain had a pretty appropriate figuring out — despite what folks think — of what’s going to occur. Now we’re in a position to salvage rolling.”
Brown’s quarterback is furthermore happy to gaze the game-altering goal help at the flexibility.
“He is right here now so we’ll have the choice to go Week 1,” Derek Carr mentioned. “We got a form of time till then. Obviously, a transient week this week playing a sport on Thursday however with that mentioned we gain got so worthy time to right salvage some sport realizing plays down, some routes, obvious cuts that we’ll gain him running and all of these roughly issues, we gain got deal of time. The truth that he’s right here is a appropriate trace, that’s appropriate for us.”
Brown turn into once happy to gain the strengthen of his coach and quarterback thru the wild paddle of the previous week or so.
“It turn into once appropriate to hear. I’m struggling with with a foot damage, I gaze my face in each place in the put the news, the full talk,” Brown mentioned. “But these guys are doing a appropriate job with supporting me. Grateful to hear them come out about it and I’m mad to be right here to right enact my job.”
When he’s on the self-discipline, Brown is a self-discipline-tilting talent who can elevate all boats. Along with his return to camp, the Raiders can now focal point on preparing for the 2019 campaign, confidently without extra melodramatics from the superstar receiver.

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