Joakim Noah Shows Off Shredded Beach Bod With Josh Brolin and John McEnroe

Joakim Noah

My Shredded Bod is Thanos-Approved

… John McEnroe Agrees

9/19/2018 10:18 AM PDT

Thanos ain’t snappin’ his fingers at Joakim Noah … ’cause the NBA star and Josh Brolin bro’d out on the beach … and lookin’ at the pics, you’d think Noah is the one who plays a superhuman!!

The buff dudes teamed up for a Malibu getaway with John McEnroe and surfer Laird Hamilton this week … drinkin’ beers and playing cornhole —  something they’ve been doing all summer long.

Noah’s actually wearing a lot more clothing than the last time we saw him … considering the dude stripped buck nekkid in front of his expensive Porsche in Santa Monica for a quick change last month.

No clue how this group came to be … but if they keep taking beach pics together, we’re for it.

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