James Conner never felt ‘pressure’ replacing RB Bell

James Conner’s play in 2018 allowed the Pittsburgh Steelers seamlessly to transfer on from Le’Veon Bell.
“It’s what I the truth is have repeatedly asked for,” Conner acknowledged of changing into the Steelers starter, by the group’s reliable online page. “No longer the difficulty it changed into. I did not request for that. But the chance to be a starting NFL working support. I did not the truth is feel any stress because it changed into every little thing I changed into asking for. I did not search at it as stress because it is what I wished. It changed into a gigantic opportunity.”

The “say” Conner refers to changed into the consistent questions about Bell that hovered over Pittsburgh a couple of the season. As Conner performed well, these queries and sideways glances lessened and lessened. Once Bell changed into formally out all the season, most simply shrugged and pointed to Conner’s dual-threat capability to beget the gap flawlessly.
Despite being at the heart of the swirling Bell storm, the second-300 and sixty five days working support had tiny to teach about the difficulty.
“It wasn’t ever my establish to teach the rest,” acknowledged Conner. “Even after I’m playing well I make not enlighten unprecedented. I’m not one to focus on unprecedented and promote things. It changed into a comical establish to be in. I did not have protect a watch on over the rest. I could doubtless finest protect a watch on what I did on the discipline.
“When my teammates acknowledged they believed in me, I did not eavesdrop on the exterior world, what they belief. I gorgeous came to work every day. It changed into a comical establish to be in, however I started all 300 and sixty five days and things labored out.”
The finest concern for Conner changed into an anguish that muddled the end of his 2018 campaign. When he changed into on the discipline, the 23-300 and sixty five days-historical support changed into a dynamic power. In 13 games, he compiled 973 speeding yards on 215 carries, 55 receptions for 497 yards and 14 total touchdowns.
With two years left on Conner’s rookie deal, the Steelers make not must fear just a few repeat of the Bell say in 2019. Pittsburgh has it is starting working support.

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