I’ve Got Nothing But Love for Skinny Jeans

High-waist skinny jeans by LOFT ($79.50)

So, my skinny jeans are currently on my mind, and as simultaneously confusing as it sounds, they’re on my to-buy list AND my Kon Mari list (I gotta buy a couple new pairs, and I also have to donate all of the too-tight ones that give me grief to Goodwill).

See, I haven’t worn any other style of jeans for the last few years. Even when I was pregnant with Connor, I still wore maternity skinnies.

While some people view skinny jeans as restrictive, to me there’s something comforting about wearing close-fitting denim with a touch of stretch. Whenever I slip into mine, a vacuuming suction sound happens — ZOOOOOOP!

But if I’ve learned anything during my skinny jeans adventure over the years, it’s that all skinny jeans are not created alike. It’s REALLY hard to find the perfect ratio of stretch to denim. Plus, there are all sorts of other things to consider, like the type of wash, the pocket placement, waist style (high-waisted all the way, the way baby!), where the hems hit, and most importantly (IMHO), distressing…

OH EM GEE. You know those jeans that are purposefully light and distressed in the butt? Yeah, I don’t need a spotlight saying, “HAAAAY, CHECK OUT THIS BOO-TAY.” No thank you! But, if the jeans are perfect in every other way (rise, hem, price, etc.), I’ll consider them anyway… It’s a very complicated formula!

Anyway, I’ve been getting by on two pairs of Universal Thread jeans from Target for the last couple months, and they’ve worked out alright, but I’m still kinda frustrated because I have to keep pulling them up after they stretch out. Plus, the lighter pair is already starting to get holes.

So now I’m thinking of splurging on the high-waisted pair from LOFT pictured at the top.

Cute, right? They’re selling out fast though. Wish I’d gotten them on sale a few weeks ago, le sigh!

Skinny jeans: Do you love them or loathe theme? Details please.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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