Is a Victorian Engagement or Wedding Ring Right For You

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Are you seeking Victorian style wedding rings from which to choose one of your own? What an excellent question to ponder! Obviously, if it is in your mind at all, there is something drawing you to the charm and romance of the beauties created in the past. The definition of these unique pieces is that in order to qualify for the classification, a piece of jewelry has to be a minimum of 50 years old. You might find a stunning replica, but not an original piece.
Why is that true? It began with the reign of Queen Victoria Not only was it during her time, it was specifically during the very special love she felt for her husband, Prince Albert. A time of fashion and frivolity, her romance was picked up by the jewelry industry and pieces were designed with a romantic nature in mind.
When you begin to look into a historical design, there were many differences compared to the sleek, modern feel of the Tiffany or Tensions of today designs. Diamonds had not been discovered in quantities enough to be popular. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires were the gems of the period.
Another difference is the use of metals found in the intricate metal work. Because the gold mines of California was not discovered until 1848, and those of Australia in 1851, platinum was more popular.
Then, gold and rose gold was introduced en-mass. Once discovered, the soft, sweetness of the shade stole the hearts of many, and it was very well received. Fitting the mood of the time, It was developed by applying copper to the metal; thereby turning it to a pinkish shade. The more copper added, the more the effect.
Filigree came into being. The popularity of filigree that is considered so unique by millions of women today was often preferred in the Victorian era. Because of the intricacy required, each piece was guaranteed to be a precious piece of jewelry. Thus ensuring its one-of-a-kind reputation.
Designs, were mostly engraved bands and were inspired by Egypt and Greece. Queen Victoria was known to wear a ring of entwining serpents representing the Roman symbol of the beginning and ending of love. Classic touches using serpentines flooded the market. Unfortunately, once Prince Albert unexpectedly died, jewelry became darker in tone and spirit, indicating the loss of a loved one. The dark gem, garnet, was popular during this period.
Victorian style wedding rings do not limit themselves to that of the Queen. Her son, King Edward led the march into the Edwardian era when you began to see engravings with a tendency toward nature and bird designs.
Then, the Art Deco and Art Nouveau style came into being. During the 65 years attributed to the many styles, numerous changes took place, but ultimately it was always a very romantic, wondrous time for jewelry design.
Victorian style wedding rings were often engraved inside the band, inspiring the classic feeling of joy in romance…forever.
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