How I Turned My Tiny Apartment Bedroom Into a Relaxing Retreat

Invest in Good Smells and Happy Sinuses

The air can get pretty dry in my apartment, which means a small humidifier can go a long way toward a comfortable night’s sleep — and not waking up with a dry throat or sinuses. I knew I wanted a small, ultrasonic humidifier for my bedroom, but after looking into several models, I decided to get one that pulled double-duty as a scent diffuser. When you add a few drops of essential oil to the water after you fill the diffuser, it will both humidify the room and carry a pleasant scent on the mist.

For something the size of a small speaker or table lamp, the diffuser is a lovely spalike addition to my bedroom. I picked up a 200-milliliter version that also has a color-changing LED, so I turn it off entirely when I want to sleep. Sometimes I’ll leave it on a nice cool blue or purple if I’m reading.

If you want a more robust humidifier, the team at Wirecutter has better suggestions for models large and small — but my bedroom is small and this works for me. No matter which humidifier or diffuser you buy, make sure to clean it regularly; a dirty one can cause serious health problems.

Keep the Air Clean and Clear

One of the best purchases I’ve made for a relaxing, luxurious bedroom is one that may seem out of the ordinary: an air purifier.

Living in the city means dusty, dirty indoor air, even if you keep the windows shut all the time. After a year or so in my apartment, I developed a dry cough that was only really apparent when I woke up, and faded pretty quickly after a shower.

I didn’t think much of it until I caught myself vacuuming up a lot of dust from a spot I’d recently cleaned, and thought that an air purifier may keep some of that dust from getting into my lungs. I picked up Wirecutter’s budget-friendly recommendation, the GermGuardian.

Here’s something to remember about air purifiers. When I spoke to Tim Heffernan, a science writer and editor at Wirecutter, for a different story about air purifiers, he explained that buying one usually doesn’t produce instantaneous change. You may notice that the air “feels” cleaner after a few hours, or as long as it takes for the room’s air to circulate through the purifier. What you’ll really notice, however, is how much you feel better over time. It’s less of “aah, the air is so much cleaner now,” and more “that strange cough I had a few weeks back seems to have gone away,” which is exactly what happened to me.

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