‘Godfather of snowboarding’ dies at 65

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Media captionHow Jake Burton Wood worker helped make the game

Jake Burton Wood worker, is named the godfather of snowboarding and founding father of Burton Snowboards, has died venerable 65 as a result of considerations from cancer.

Wood worker stop his job in 1977 and founded his namesake company.

He saw the potentialities of the exercise of a single board to surf on snow, and by 1998 the game of snowboarding had made it to the Olympics.

“He became the soul of snowboarding, the one who gave us the game we admire,” the company stated.

“I saw a sport there from a in point of fact young age,” he told the BBC earlier this year.

“Then it became create of a fad that got here and went, but it in fact never left for me.”

The Vermont-based fully mostly company struggled to commence with, promoting very most life like 300 boards within the first year, but he went on to develop to be a just visionary within the game.

He had to conquer deal of hurdles as motels at the initiating deemed Burton boards too unhealthy and would now now not enable snowboarders to portion the slopes with the skiing elite.

Nonetheless the game grew and grew to the most valuable worldwide sport it is now, with Wood worker at the helm.

“Folks clutch it without any consideration now,” Pat Bridges, a author for Snowboarding Journal, told The Associated Press.

“They place now now not even realise that the title Burton is now now not a company. Or now now not it is an particular particular person. Obviously, it be the perfect trace in snowboarding. The man himself is even bigger.”

He became later identified with Miller Fisher syndrome, a rare nervous system dysfunction, which left him paralysed for loads of weeks in 2015.

Wood worker became furthermore identified with testicular cancer in 2011 but became positive to be cancer-free after cure.

Nonetheless this month he sent an electronic mail to his workers. “You are going to now now not imagine this, but my cancer has approach aid,” he stated, including that he became positive to combat the illness head on.

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