Emma Hayes: Chelsea Women boss would consider managing a men’s team

Chelsea Females supervisor Emma Hayes would dangle in mind a job in the men’s sport

Chelsea Females boss Emma Hayes says she would dangle in mind managing a men’s personnel.

The forty two-one year-veteran has been at the Blues since 2012, and advised the personnel to the domestic double final season.

“Whether it be me or one more person, it be going to happen in some unspecified time in the future,” she told BBC Radio 5 stay.

“If it used to be the state form club it could probably probably most definitely maybe be most definitely simpler – however to enter that level of scrutiny and quit it at the level I would esteem to complete it at, I would esteem to be willing for it.”

A girl has by no technique managed an English professional men’s personnel.

“In case you would perhaps most definitely maybe most definitely also be going to jump into the men’s sport it be critical to search out out about scouting and recruitment, even though it could probably probably most definitely maybe now not be that advanced,” she added.

“A female needs to accumulate an interview first. For a club board to negate that there needs to be some progressive pondering.

“For me it be about opening the door. If I’m able to quit it, if it be me or one more person, crack on.”

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