Do You Ever Use Makeup or Beauty Products That You Don’t Totally Love?

That face you make when you realize you’ve been using lotion for a month that you only feel so-so about.

Do you ever use stuff you only feel so-so about?

Me: Oh, gosh, yes. I do it all the time…and that answer feels somehow wrong because there’s so much good stuff out there, right? Why wear anything that doesn’t completely blow your mind when most places have a good return policy?

To that I say, “I dunno…” It usually happens because I bought something on a whim while doing non-beauty shopping at Trader Joe’s or Target or someplace else and subsequently lost the receipt, so later I figure that I might as well keep using the thing to get my money’s worth.

Other times, it happens because I like something enough to keep using it…even though I was never totally blown away by it. I just keep using it like a robot until the next big thing comes along (because there’s always another next big thing).

How about you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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