Celebrity Gossip: Celeb Relationships!

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Celebrity gossip portals and publications portray relationships. In fact, relationships between celebrities and their close ones make for quality celeb gossip material. Readers, however, wonder if relationships in the tinsel town are as bitter and brittle as the entertainment news columns make them out to be. That?s a riddle that keeps gnawing at the reader?s mind, making them curious about the life that these celebs are leading. The element of curiosity is the driving force of this entire paparazzi onslaught.

The question here is, though these celebrities are youth icons for millions of fans, would you depend on them for advice on relationships? Celebrity gossip sites are always coming up with stories of their fast track life, revealing details about their affairs and scandals. Celeb gossip portals are flush with stories about their extramarital stories, about their sexual escapades and their lives which we can politely call amoral. Entertainment sites follow their lawsuits and libels with almost personal interest in the proceedings. That interest is primarily for the sake of the readers.

The primary interest in celebrity gossip is fuelled by the reader?s desire to know how bonds develop between the rich and the famous. There is an air of majestic pleasure in reading about their hook-ups and their break-ups. Celeb gossip publications talk about every new linkage with relish. Entertainment news portals keep their tabs on every social networking profile where the celebrities declare their latest crush and romantic interest. When it comes to break-ups, you can find the paparazzi posted near the house of the hapless celeb, waiting for that exclusive, ghastly picture of a person going through a personal turmoil.

You cannot blame the yellow journalists for being cruel on this. They are just doing their jobs. They write on the celebrity gossip columns exactly what the readers want to know about. When they find that there are more visitors on their celeb gossip site because of a particular story, they know that the pains they took to collect the story have been validated. Entertainment news sites have repeatedly reaped rich dividends when they have covered stories that deal with relationship issues of the celebrity.

There?s more mileage to the story if there are some intimate details splashed on the pages of the celebrity gossip magazine. The Tiger Woods scandal ran long on the celeb gossip pages because there was evidence in the form of text and email messages that Tiger sent to his mistresses. The women in question sold off the messages to the entertainment sites against a hefty fee and before Tiger could know what hit him, his personal text messages were splashed all over the pages of every publication in town. That is the level of interest that we are talking about here. Celebrity gossip websites go tizzy if there is a *** tape somewhere out there! There is a manhunt out to get that and post it on the celeb gossip site. Any amount of voyeuristic attention is like paradise to the readers and the paparazzi make sure that the readers get their daily updates.
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